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Nowadays, many families very focusing on meals for their children with many nutritious foods, especially meats and fish. Even many mothers let their children eat as much as they want, eat as much as possible. But that is completely wrong!

According to a study: If in a day, child eats 80 grams of protein then 37 milligrams of calcium will be loss. If increase into 240 grams of protein then 137 milligrams of calcium will be loss, too.

Nowadays hustle life, not any parents can preparing healthy food ahead of time for their children. Today, children's eating habits are unlikely to provide enough nutrition to help them stay healthy. The nutrients in food are easily modified and lost during processing.


So how to ensure daily nutrition needs for children, helping them develop optimally?

Children need a healthy balanced diet containing foods from each food group so they get a wide range of nutrients to help them stay healthy. Here's how to improve nutrition and encourage smart eating habits.

It is recommended that children should eat two portions of 70ml Bird’s Nest is a comprehensive solution, providing a full range of nutrients to help children strengthen immunity, develop strong bones, safe for health and no side effects.

Nutrition is your children's determinant

Bird’s Nest is a good supplement for growing children. From a biological standpoint, Bird’s Nest contains proteins, amino acids and minerals that are essential for healthy development.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, regular consumption of Bird’s Nest helps child prevent colds and flus. By improving the function of the Lungs and Kidneys, Bird’s Nest helps boost the body’s immune system and increase resistance to external environmental factors.

Who can use?

  • Children between the ages of 1 and 3:

Parents should add birds nest to the daily menu to enhance the body’s resistance and fight some respiratory diseases. Bird’s nest also helps increase immunity to sleep. At this stage we should add 70ml ~ 1 jar of Edible Bird’s Nest for Kid per day

  • Children between 3 and 10 years old:

Kindergarteners like this may be prone to some common illnesses such as fever, viral infection, cough, runny nose, flu, etc. This helps to prevent some diseases. Children at this age should regularly take 140ml ~ 2 jar of Edible Bird’s Nest for Kid per day

  • Children 10 years old and above:

Children aged 10 years and over can use the same dose of birds nest, use about 140ml ~ 2 jar of Edible Bird’s Nest for Kid per day or daily.


  • Helps improve anorexia in young children
  • Enhances the activity of the digestive system
  • Improves the immunity of young children
  • Helps to grow taller
  • Nest does not provide too much sugar for the baby body

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