Aloe Vera Drinks

Aloe Vera Natural beverage manufacturer from VietNam. We process juice fruits from 100% Fruit from Viet Nam so it is good for your health and more natural than. We can supply juice with very competitive prices and exclusive agent if the order is reaonsoble large.

DATAFA is  Leading of Beverage Manufacturers  from Viet Nam.

No artificial flavors, no colors, no preservatives, more secure, more healthy. Flavors: peach, grape, orange, mango, watermelon, green apple, blueberry, strawberry ...

Aloe Vera Drinks, Coconut Water, Coffee Drinks, Drinking Water, Energy Drinks Series, Fruit Juice, Milk, Non-Alcohol Beverage, Chia Seed .. .

Developing just the right taste to your market and customers. Quality proof product control. Flexible production capacity with short lead time.

Competitive price vs product value. Canned bottle production base 5 million cans per month PET bottle production base 2 million bottles per month based on a strict inspection of professional QC team


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